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Bookcase and Cat tree in one

Would you like to get your Cat a cat tree but don’t like the traditional ones? This is why we designed the CatCase. With the CatCase neither you nor your Cat will have to compromise because it combines a bookcase and a cat tree in one. It stores books, dvd’s etc. while at the same time being the ideal playground for your Cat.

Inside the CatCase your Cat can sleep or jump like on a stairs from shelf to shelf in order to finally reach the top level from where it has a great and comfortable lookout. Cats feel best high up with a clear view in all directions; this is exactly what the CatCase offers.

At the same time, your books are completely safe because the shelves containing them are protected by a back wall. The shelves which are used to jump up, cannot be used to store books, but they do contain a fitted carpet so that your Cat can sharpen its nails on the way up or down!

30 day money back guarantee*

The CatCase is handmade from solid MDF and is hand spray painted with three layers (catnail resistant) finish. You can choose from 9 trendy carpet colours (Dutch made and resistant against daily Cat scratching). These securely attached carpet inserts can be easily replaced to fit into your new interior or when you would just like to change the colour (replacement set is sold separately).


  • Dutch Design
  • More than 4 meters of shelf space for books, cd’s, dvd’s, etc.
  • Available in 9 trendy (Dutch made) carpet colours (click to choose a colour on the right hand side before placing your order)
  • 3 year manufacturer warranty
  • Free delivery in Europe*
  • 30 day money back guarantee*
  • Dimensions: 160H x 60W x 56D (cm)
  • The CatCase comes as a Flat pack and will need to be assembled, all you require is a screw driver. The clear illustrated and easy to understand instruction manual is included. 


Non-EU customers get a 21% VAT Discount*

*See FAQ and the General terms & conditions for more information


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€ 1249,-

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